Villa Leonarda was once a favorite hangout for Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and today offers all the comforts of world-class accommodations.

The sound of the river is pierced here and there by the cry of parrots and iguanas can be spotted sunning on tree branches.The magic of the place still exerts its power, and today Villa Leonarda welcomes the traveler who wishes to experience the beauty of Puerto Vallarta.

The Tapanco Master Suite

Located in the original building of Villa Leonarda, El Tapanco is a spacious room totally handmade. Its adobe walls that date from the end of the XVIII century, frame a magical atmosphere. Wooden floor and beams that hold a beautiful gabled red brick roof. The eclectic decoration with modern artworks and a varied furniture of fine woods, make this space a pleasant place for relaxation and rest, either in the interior of the room or on the adjacent terrace, this is an ideal place to have breakfast, play board games, read or just to have a nice conversation. It has a king-size bed, sofa in front of the TV, A/C and bathroom with tub. A unique design of mosaic, brick and wood.

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El Árbol Master Suite

Located on the top floor of the building, this high-rise room with modern art pieces by Alejandro Arango, Karla Ripley, Aníbal Delgado and Bertha Kolteniuk, has a King-size bed covered by a beautiful pavilion of a unique handmade woodwork, Gaza and Oaxacan fabric, which provokes a sense of tranquility for the most demanding dreamers. To the front, a majestic red brick arch with french doors that open to a balcony of pebbles overlooking the pool in the courtyard. And in the background, the facade of the original building. The bathroom has a large dressing room and a large blue mosaic tub. A side door to the stairs leads to the main terrace, the ideal spot to tan during the day, enjoy beautiful sunsets or look at the moon and stars at night.

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El Obelisco Master Suite

This room on the ground floor of the building was designed by Xavier de la Torre and is absolutely magnificent. An impressive iron arch in front of the pool forms the threshold of a place to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. It has a dressing room next to the bathroom which increases its spaciousness and comfort. While opening the huge arch and its side door, it becomes an open space to the other areas of the villa, which invites you to socialize with the rest of the group or family. The views of the pool in the red brick courtyard with its lush vegetation are exquisite.

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El Pueblito Suite

A beautiful architectonical jewel, with the comfort of being located on the ground floor of the original building, next to the living room and dining room. Where the taste of the village seeps through its four-leaved window, and the wooden ceiling supported by beautiful beams gives the room a totally welcoming touch. A small arched doorway communicates with its large bathroom which has pebbled floor and double-height adobe walls that allow the entrance of lush plants to create a totally tropical environment. A queen-size bed and a beautiful pavilion make this room a romantic space you will never forget.

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El Río Suite

El Río is a room in the third section that is part of Villa Leonarda, which is known as the Yellow House and was the first property of Xavier de la Torre. The Yellow House or “La Casa Amarilla” was designed by the architect Fernando Romero, creator of the ‘Vallarta’ Style of architecture. This room with a beautiful tile roof and brick, with its bathroom in an open patio where you can enjoy an outdoor tub, is the typical example of the Vallarta lifestyle. Its views of the river, the mountain and the island, through its windows or from its terrace, are an unforgettable experience accompanied by the sound of the river and the song of the birds.

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Experience the magic of the Villa!

The staff at Villa Leonarda, led by Delia, will receive you with a welcome refreshment of guacamole, salsa and chips, with a round of lime margaritas.