Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta was actually a small Mexican town in the state of Jalisco, that became a world-class beach destination by chance and luck. It was Hollywood that discovered the place in the 1960’s. John Huston brought the jetset along with him, they fell in love with the picturesque town and, little by little, the place evolved into a very welcoming and modern city with lots to do, many restaurants and fabulous hotels & resorts.

“Vallarta” or “PV” – as it is known to locals – is a typical Mexican “pueblo” (now a BIG pueblo). We’ve experienced growth and have modernized certain areas of our town, but we still remain faithful to our cherished Mexican traditions and heritage, such as parades in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe or the bands that play at the town plaza kiosk, where locals and tourists alike dance to the rhythms enjoyed by many generations.

The downtown area is a place where nature and art coexist. Strolling down the Malecon you’ll enjoy dozens of open-air sculptures created by famous local artists, Mexico and beyond. There are art galleries on just about every corner, events and showings abound year-round with artist from the block or from around the world.


During the high season, art galleries are the gathering place of the Vallarta elite that includes the expat community and, obviously, the local artists who are many and very prolific. Visitors interested in art may enjoy a long list of exciting places that not only display fine art works but also feature activities such as tours, workshops and the famous art-walks. Every third Thursday downtown, and every third Friday in Marina Vallarta, the galleries organize openings with live music, hors d’ouvres and cocktails. This is a fun opportunity to go gallery-hopping , make friends and admire (or buy) the most recent production of local and international artists.

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Downtown Puerto Vallarta has a lot of great spots and magical places to get around. Either you take a walk through the malecon at day, or by night, you’ll find two different ambiances with an option for every taste, every mood and simply for everyone!


Shopping in Vallarta really does offer something for everyone.
There is a wide variety of shops and large array of merchandise ranging from emblematic T-shirts to beautiful Mexican handcrafts; from inexpensive souvenirs to locally produced fine art. Some of the best buys are to be found in leather goods, ceramics, blown glass, hand woven and embroidered fabrics and, of course, silver.

Beaches and landscapes beyond words

Many people say that some of the most beautiful sunsets occur in Vallarta. You’ll have a perfect weather almost all year long, and gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and the mountains of the Sierra Madre. Every sunrise, every sunset, every starry night is a true delight in Puerto Vallarta. And if that was not enough, Vallarta has the privilege of being the home of humpback whales, every year, in the winter season (from November to March), among some other beautiful wildlife creatures.

Experience the magic of the Villa!

The staff at Villa Leonarda, led by Delia, will receive you with a welcome refreshment of guacamole, salsa and chips, with a round of lime margaritas.